About Jeanne

Jeanne Jones is a painter and ceramicist from Houston, Texas where she works from her studio located in The Silos at Sawyer Yards. She is interested in exploring the intersections of line and color though her techniques of pouring paint while using other media and interesting mark making to create the image she wants to convey. Nature and particularly flowers are a frequent subject of inspiration allowing her to play with ideas of combining representation and abstraction in her work. It is her expressive use of color that draws you into the work.

In May 2020, she completed the Advanced Studio BLOCK Program of the Glassell School of Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and in 2021 received her certificate of achievement in painting.


“I make abstract paintings about my relationship to the natural world. My work explores the sensory experience of being among plant environments whether it be a single flower or a wild, untamed field. Each has its own relevance. The work is about the experience and formal properties of the paint and the application of the paint on the surface. I began making paintings inspired by the natural world several years ago when I realized it allowed me to tap into my emotional and spiritual thoughts in a way I had not found in any other subject matter. As I explored more deeply the idea of nature representing our internal thoughts and the need to look to nature as a source of reflection, I found that not relying on representation allowed me to express a deeper range emotion.”

In my studio, I often read this quote from Joan Mitchell as I begin my process.

“My paintings are titled after they are finished. I paint from remembered landscapes that I carry with me – and remembered feelings of them, which of  course become transformed. I could certainly never mirror nature. I would more like to paint what it leaves me.” – Joan Mitchell

Jeanne's Work in Spaces