About Jeanne

Jeanne Jones is a painter and ceramicist from Houston, Texas where she works from her studio located within the Bermac Building.    Influential artists for her include Matisse, Bonnard and Joan Mitchell. She is interested in exploring the intersections of line and color through her techniques of pouring paint while using other media and interesting mark making to create the image she wants to convey. Nature and particularly flowers are a frequent subject of inspiration allowing her to play with ideas of combining representation and abstraction in her work. It is her expressive use of form and color that lures you into her paintings.

In May 2020, she completed the Advanced Studio Block Program of the Glassell School of Art, the teaching school of The Museum of Fine Arts and graduated with a Certificate of Achievement in 2021.


I am inspired by nature and my surroundings into capturing with paint, the feelings of delight, calm or awe they evoke in me.  Everyday encounters, travel, magazines as well as photographs are used as a springboard allowing my imagination to surface.  Paintings often happen when I am using previously started abstracts or have been using color in a playful way…. My work is a way to show the viewer how fascinating the world is to me.