About Jeanne

Jeanne Jones is a painter from Houston, Texas and she works from her studio at The Silos located within the campus of Sawyer Yards in the Arts District of Houston. In May 2018, she was accepted into the Advanced Studio Block Program of the Glassell School of Art at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston which provides an on-campus studio and weekly critiques by Glassell faculty, Core Program Fellows, local art curators and gallerists. Influential artists for her include Matisse, Bonnard and Joan Mitchell.


  • New Series, Inspiration, and Two Secret Suppers with Chef Bee!

    I’ve completed my first piece in a new series of paintings and cannot wait to make more… My idea for this series

  • New Studio, Block XX, and Highlights from my Floral Workshop with Bee Holleran!

    I will be continuing to participate in the Glassell School’s BLOCK XX Program! I learned an incredible amount last year

  • New Work and some Local Inspiration!

    Learn about some of my recent inspiration… I recently had the opportunity to see some amazing shows in the Houston area