Studio Tours and Updates | Cindee Klement Sculpture on Display


 Sawyer Yards has unlocked the doors! If you would like to view my art, I would  be happy to meet privately by appointment in my studio #112, observing social distancing and wearing masks! I have a number of large-scale pieces in-progress as well as my Palette Inspiration Series that I would love to share with you all! Please contact me through email to make an appointment. Hope to see you soon!

Lotus Study | oil and acrylic on canvas | 24″x24


I feel so lucky to have a sculptural piece by the wonderfully talented Cindee Klement hanging in my studio! This piece, Bee Chandelier, is part of a large body of environmentally-focused abstract work. Bee Chandelier in particular speaks to the necessity of pollinators. Cindee and I love the notion of her work, preaching the importance of pollinators, interacting with my paintings, which derive so much inspiration from florals.

Bee Chandelier

“Bee Chandelier” | Kinetic Wire Sculpture

Cindee’s body of work draws attention to the various ecological interconnections that exist in our world, and Bee Chandelier in particular references the importance of native bees to our environment. As these tiny creatures become more and more endangered, our environment becomes increasingly fragile and we risk losing the essential ecological connections that are vital for our Earth’s well-being. Bees need to pollinate native plants and flowers in order to survive, so I’m grateful and excited to have this piece buzzing around in my studio! It was made quite perfectly for the large scale floral paintings that live on my walls. Here, we can imagine our artistic renditions of the flowers and the bees living together in ecological harmony!

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