A new exhibition at The Jack Rabbit Gallery | The Heights

I was so proud to be able to…

…present my work in a new gallery exhibition in the Heights area of Houston, The Jack Rabbit Gallery! The gallery nestled on E 27th street is a beautiful mix of industrial and modern, and is an amazing space full of diverse artists.

The owners of the gallery are just the sweetest people! They were so welcoming, and really respected us and our work as local creators.

I am inspired by nature and my surroundings into capturing with paint, the feelings of delight, calm or awe they evoke in me.  Everyday encounters, travel, magazines as well as photographs are used as a springboard allowing my imagination to surface…

I have art pieces and studio spaces throughout the city. I am so proud of this newest showing at The Jack Rabbit Gallery, as well as in my creative studio in The Silos at Sawyer Yards, and more gallery spaces are coming this summer!

And come see me every second Saturday at my studio in The Silos of Sawyer Yards, you can find me in studio #112! See you all there!