My time on the “Artists of Houston” podcast with Rhonda Lanclos

I was beyond nervous…

…when I was asked to be a part of this podcast. The amazing Rhonda Lanclos is another fellow artist among the Sawyer yards, with her studio in the Winter Studio 18. Her “Artists of Houston” podcast speaks to local artists all from around the city, and with a huge variety of artistic inclinations. But, let me tell you, public speaking is not one of mine!

But I knew that in order to reach people with my vision and projects, I have to express myself, and tell my story. So I pulled it together, and sat down with Rhonda in her adorable studio.

Houston is hot, but the people are cool – Rhonda Lanclos

I spoke about my favorite subjects to paint, flowers, and the impact that they have on my work. From a class taught at the Glassell School by Brian Portman, I practiced the art of monumental drawing, or over-sized drawing.

[That class] did spark something in me, and when I decided that I wanted to pursue being influenced by flowers and art making, it just kept going for me, just bigger and better.

– Jeanne Jones

I also spoke about some recent exhibitions, and most importantly, my involvement in the Glassell School Block Program, one of my most proud current projects.

[The Glassell School Block Program] is an advanced level class that started several years ago…it provides an opportunity to work with a select group of your peers at a very intense level.

– Jeanne Jones

It was such a pleasure to speak with Rhonda, we always have a good time, even though public speaking makes me shake at the knees! She made it easy, and I was so honored to be asked and recognized as an artist of Houston on her show. Keep a look out for her podcast to hear about even more amazing artists.

And come see me every second Saturday at my studio in The Silos of Sawyer Yards, you can find me in studio #112! See you all there!