New Studio, Block XX, and Highlights from my Floral Workshop with Bee Holleran!

I will be continuing to participate in the Glassell School’s BLOCK XX Program!

I learned an incredible amount last year. I had the opportunity to visit so many inspiring shows in the Houston area as well as participate in group critiques with some amazing artists, curators and instructors. I feel so privileged to live in Houston, such an artistic hub, and I cannot wait to see what 2020, my final year in the program, will bring.

If you don’t know, every Second Saturday I open my studios…

The first Second Saturday of 2020, Saturday, January 11th, I will be showing work in my NEW studio! I have acquired a second studio in the Silos at Sawyer Yards just steps away from my first studio,

which will provide more work space and a gallery space. Come visit me in Studios #112 and my NEW studio #114 from 12-5PM!

I can’t wait to share my experience holding a Floral Cocktail Workshop with Bee Holleran….

Flowers have constantly been a source of visual inspiration for me, but it doesn’t stop there, they can activate your sense of smell… and even taste! I recently partnered with Bee Holleran, the flower chef and grower, who held a Floral Cocktail workshop in my studio! Her floral buffet, including flower-filled spring rolls, sushi, and refreshing cocktails are as delicious as they are beautiful. You can find out more about her work on her website!

Bee doesn’t just think of edible flowers aesthetically…

She explores the exciting possible flavor combinations edible flowers add to both sweet and savory foods. I was blown away by how flavorful a flower could be! I can’t wait to weave some of my inspiration from the workshop into my pieces. I loved having people experience my studio in a new light, stay tuned for future collaborations and workshops at my studio!