New Ways of Working | Collaboration with my Studio Neighbor



Following up on last month’s blog post, I believe creativity is sparked as we are forced into change and this has certainly been true for me. I have been able to spend more time in the studio and want to share my latest series “Palette Inspiration-Quarantine Journal”.  Each painting represents a moment I capture while on my walks in Houston engaging with nature.  I snap a picture with to remember what I saw.  Back in the studio, I begin incorporating dried paint skins from previous saved palette papers as collage elements and adhere them to linen board.  I then layer drawing and more paint to create my impression of what I observed.  Remembering this time and how I was finding solace in nature is important to me and  I look forward to sharing more journal paintings as the series progresses.

“My work is a way to show the viewer how fascinating the world is to me.”


I encourage you all to join me in this process while maintaining social distancing. I’d love to see what kind of inspiration you find!


I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with my Silos’ studio neighbor, WHL Spaces, a commercial design company creating dynamic spaces for working, healing, and learning.

I’m still so excited about the interior design that Erica Chingos styled for this photo shoot with my paintings! To see my work paired with contemporary furniture makes my heart sing, and collaborating with a talented team of creatives who know how to capture the connection of color, texture, line and form within both is a dream come true.

Photographed by Ashkan Roayaee of Ashkan Image, also at The Silos.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay creative! Until next time.