Getting energized in Houston nature…

has been one of my new found adventures. We are all going through it…the feelings of isolation, being cooped up, trying to keep our minds above water during this time. I was trying to think, how can I possibly find some peace and inspiration during this time?

So I started walking. EVERYDAY. I started walking through our lovely city, seeing public art spaces and nature EVERYWHERE. Lucky for us this warmer weather has brought beautiful green spaces and color splashes, which I am so happy to have found to energize me.

If it feels safe for you and you can follow social distancing rules, take a walk, and see what you find!

I am also excited to share that I have started new experimental work…

During this time I have found myself reaching for new styles and experiments in my work. This led to my new work in progress. 9×12 paintings, each individual pieces that all blend together with color and movement.

I am also so happy to continue to have the community of my Glassell Block XX group.

We are starting virtual meetings for the first time, and I know that we are all thirsty to have our artistic camraderie again!


“Graffiti” Art in the City / April 20-26

Due to the national health crisis, The Garden Club of Houston has decided to cancel this show. Both the painting and floral design would have been on display at Silver Street Studios. They are exploring the possibility of postponing.

Spring Biannual / April 25

Due to the national health crisis, Sawyer Yards has decided to postpone the Spring Biannual Show. At this show you would have been able to view and shop thousands of original works by the artists at Sawyer Yards. We hope to get more information soon!

Selected Work / “Queen 3”

“Queen 3” was selected for the “Graffiti” Art in The City show by the Garden Club of Houston.  The premise of the show is to pair an artwork with a Garden Club member, challenging the floral designer to  create a design inspired by the art.  

I so hope that you are all safe and healthy, and that we all get to see each other soon!