New Work and some Local Inspiration!

New work
36×36 | Acrylic, Pastel, Wax Pastel and Molding Paste

Learn about some of my recent inspiration…

I recently had the opportunity to see some amazing shows in the Houston area. I walked away feeling so inspired, and wanted to share with you all so you have the opportunity to visit as well!

A fascinating curation of Australian Aboriginal Art at the Menil Collection…

The show will be on display until February 2nd at the Menil collection. The exhibit showcases a gorgeous display of color and pattern, rich with Australian history. One of the pieces I found most striking was a drawing by artist Kunmanara (Mumu Mike) Williams (1952-2019).

This is the first showcase of his work in an American art museum, and the name of the show was derived from his work – Mapa Wiya (Your Map’s Not Needed) – meaning “no map” in the Pitjantajatjara language of Central Australia. You can find more information about the exhibition here.

“The love of the Australian landscape is foundational to the works on display in this show, and is apparent in the lush colors and forms of the work.

I had the immense pleasure of seeing Dorothy Hood’s paintings up-close…

They will be on display at the McClain Gallery until December 21st. Dorothy Hood was an American Modernist painter who grew up in Houston. Her work combines Mexican Surrealism with Color Field Painting.

The colors and compositions are breathtaking!

I also added her book “The Color of Being/ Color del Ser” to my studio library, to flip through in search of inspiration.

You can find gallery information and view more of Dorothy Hood’s work here.

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